It’s day five of the 5-Day Fear Cleanse! We’ve spent the past few days practicing how to clear fear and let love lead the way. And now I have one final question for you.

What are you grateful for?

I used to get SO ANNOYED when people would tell me to write gratitude lists. The truth is, sometimes you have to force yourself to practice gratitude. Regardless of how you’re feeling when you start, the only real antidote for overwhelm is gratitude. Gratitude grounds us in love.

Thanks for going through the last step in our fear cleanse and taking another look at why gratitude is so important. It’s an oldie but a goodie, so remember to do it whenever you need to blast fear out of your life.

It’s been fun, but we’re not done yet! Tomorrow, I’m sending you one last love note. It’ll have one of my favorite exercises, the Fear Clear, designed to help you clear fear in less than 5 minutes every single day. See you tomorrow!

Big love,