Who do I contact for technical support?
For support accessing the portal, billing or any other features, please submit a support ticket below.

When you ask for assistance please provide your login email address and your full name (no nicknames) in the body of the email. This will help them to fix your tech issue much faster.

Why? Because oftentimes our back end program does not have a record of your nickname, or it may have your maiden name, or you may have registered with a couple of email addresses, so having the correct associated email address is super helpful.

Thanks so much!! Cheers to speedy tech assistance. 🙂

Where do I access the call schedule?
Visit the “Schedule” tab to the left to access the IGC call schedule + calendar of events. To add this calendar to your Google calendar, visit the calendar and click “Subscribe” on the bottom right. It will populate in your Google calendar as “IGC Events” and you will see it on the left of your Google calendar under “Other calendars.”
What’s the international line?

If you’re dialing in internationally, you have to dial in your country code first. Visit for specific details + country codes.

How do I invite other women to join IGC?
Click “Affiliate Dashboard” to the left. Here you will find an affiliate link you can use to invite your fellow goddesses into IGC!
Do I get credit for other women joining IGC and its affiliated programs?
As an affiliate, you can earn credit to your IGC account as well as referral income for women who enroll in IGC Coach Training or purchase other programs through your link.
I can’t see any of GlowBook, Glow Coach Training 1 or 2 in my portal. What do I do?
If you can’t see any of the modules, submit a support ticket below so we can take a look at your membership account and help you get access to what you need.

I only see part of the GlowBook, Glow Coach Training 1 or 2 in my portal. What do I do?
All of the modules will get released into your portal as you progress through a course. Chances are what’s showing in your portal is a reflection of where you are in your membership and/or training. (There is a 1 week delay between each module.)

If you have questions or think you should be seeing more than you are, submit a support ticket below so we can take a look at your membership account.

Is it a requirement to have a 1:1 coach to be in IGC?
Nope! In IGC, we provide the opportunity for our clients to build their own coaching experience. Beyond the IGC Membership, you can choose to add Glow Coach Training, 1:1 coaching or any other programs or courses you desire.
Can I take a break from IGC and come back to where I left off?

If you need to take a break from IGC, email so we can address your personal needs to the best of our ability.

What is IGC’s cancellation policy?
IGC requires a 30-day notice to cancel your membership. You are responsible for any payments within that 30 days. This does not include IGC Coach Training (a 6-month, full tuition commitment) or Leaders Rising (a 12-month, full tuition commitment).

If you wish to cancel, click “My Account” on the top right above and follow the instructions for “Cancel my IGC Membership.”

How do I add IGC’s Coach Training program to my membership?


How frequently do trainers take on new collectives?
Training takes place every spring and fall. Typically, class begins the first week of March and the first week of October.
Do I have to do any work outside of IGC to become a certified life coach?

By following our certification process, you’ll be a Certified Professional Coach with the ability to specialize in any area of life or business you desire! Be sure to visit the International Coach Federation website here for updates to the ICF Certification Process, a separate certification only available to IGC Training Grads!

What do you recommend I charge as a coach?

We recommend our coaches begin charging at least $150/hour to stay within industry standards. As you grow your coaching practice, you can start creating more in-depth packages and higher rates!

Can I still have my own business while being part of IGC?
Yes! We wouldn’t have it any other way. Many of our members are coaches, healers + soulful entrepreneurs who have added IGC to their personal development arsenal.
Do I have to continue paying monthly to stay in IGC after I become certified?
In order to maintain access to the community and its extensive features, members will continue to pay their monthly investment for the Mastermind membership upon completion of IGC Coach Training which includes 12 months of access to the Mastermind.
What is required in order to graduate and become a Certified Glow Coach?
  • Attendance to at least 80% of all live training calls
  • 12 hours/semester of partner coaching with another coach in your collective
  • Submission of partner coaching call log with links to recordings
  • Submission of all Glow Coaching I + II exercises
  • One live coaching observation with your trainer, per semester. Average of semester 2 evaluation must be 3.0 or higher
  • One recorded call observation in semester 2, with an average of 3.0 or higher
  • Submission of 1 Case Study per semester with an average score of 3.0 or above
How do I apply to be on the IGC Leadership Team (Leaders Rising)?
  • Complete full 6-months of Glow Coach Training and pass with an overall average of 3.0 or above on all submitted materials
  • Have proof of a minimum of one 1:1 client
  • Have proof of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Ask your trainer about Leaders Rising enrollment + openings!
What are the benefits of being on the IGC Leadership Team?

Some of the benefits of being on the Certified Glow Coach Leadership team include:

  • Access to Leaders Rising, which includes up 125 additional ACSTH (pending ICF approval!)
  • Monthly 20% commission for all of your referrals to IGC Coach Training
  • Ability to lead group coaching calls within the community
  • Access to all IGC resources and business building materials
  • Access to in-house prices for IGC publishing (Coming soon!)
  • Ability to create products + programs and feature them in the IGC online store