I’m SO excited to share today’s exercise and video with you. It’s one of my absolute favorite teachings and something we talk about a lot in Inner Glow Circle! Day four of the 5-Day Fear Cleanse is all about you. Who takes care of you, goddess?

If you haven’t already, it’s time to create Team You. I’ve worked with hundreds of powerful women and learned that most of us spend a LOT of time taking care of everyone else and not as much time on ourselves.

Burnout is the biggest killer of dreams. It’s even harder to apply for a new job, meet new people or work on our business when we’re running on empty. But if you’re a well-supported woman, it’s easier to face fear and let love lead the way.

In today’s video and exercise, we’re talking about how to invest in Team You. I need a lot of support in my life—and since you’re up to big things, I would guess you do too!

Can you believe it?! We’re almost at the end of the fear cleanse, so take a little inventory. What’s changed and what hasn’t changed? What gaps do we need to close to make sure fear isn’t running the show anymore?

Make a few notes and stay tuned! Once we’re done, you’ll get the Fear Clear that will help you clear your fear in less than 5 minutes every single day—plus that special gift I’ve been talking about!

Big love,


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