You know what time it is! Welcome to day three of the 5-Day Fear Cleanse. You’ve laid the foundation and now it’s time to detox—in a major way.

How do you get rid of excess emotional stuff you don’t need? We all collect extra fears, feelings, frustrations, and sure enough, they can pile up and slow down our entire system!

People talk a lot about the buildup of toxins in our physical bodies from excess junk food, alcohol, pollutants and more. That’s why juice cleanses and nutritional detoxes have become so popular! But people rarely talk about how we digest (or process!) toxic thoughts and emotions.

The exercise and video below are designed to help you clear out what you don’t need, so you can get back to feeling like your true self.

We have two more days together, and then I’m going to give you a REALLY great exercise called the Fear Clear that will help you clear your fear in less than 5 minutes every single day. See you tomorrow!

Big love,


Watch day 3 video
Complete the "Detox" worksheet