Welcome back! Today is day two of the 5-Day Fear Cleanse and we’re taking a look at self-doubt, a sneaky form of fear. Are you constantly second-guessing yourself? Are you so out of touch with your intuition that you can’t tell what’s inner guidance and what’s fear?
I get it. I spent years figuring out the difference between my fear and my intuition. If something inside said, “don’t do that,” I didn’t know if it was intuitive guidance or if I was just afraid!

How do you beat self-doubt in a world that’s constantly comparing? How can you hear yourself with so many voices on social media and beyond?

This brings me to tip number two. When in doubt, write it out. I’m talking pen to paper. Or use the notes section on your phone. Like meditation, free writing is a basic staple, but I’m here to remind you to actually do it. Let’s get to it!

Don’t forget to stay tuned over the next few days, because at the end of this series, I’m going to give you a REALLY great exercise called the Fear Clear that will help you clear your fear in less than 5 minutes every single day—plus that special bonus I told you about. Enjoy the second video and exercise below, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Big love,


Watch video for day 2
Complete the "Write it Out" worksheet